Smoothies and Juices for Elderly





juice grapes, blackcurrants and apple for make a delicious drink packed full of vitamin E and C, which are the most efficient vitamins for fighting against free radical damage, which cause ageing


to restore iron levels, juice carrots, cabbage leaves and cucumber


by juicing carrots, garlic and parsley. The anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties of the garlic help to ward off colds


try juicing pineapple, plain yoghurt and a little water for a smoothie which will restore good bacteria in the gut. Particularly good after a bout of diarrhoea


juice cranberries and watermelon for a fabous pink juice drink, which will help with urinary infections


melons are gently diuretic and contain magnesium and potassium, which help to balance the hormonal system. Juice the melon with an apple and broccoli, the latter of which contains anti-cancer nutrients


this can be alleviated by juicing leeks,which have great anti-inflammatory properties with carrots and parsley


Leeks have great cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Juice the leeks with apples and ginger, which will stimulate the circulation and can ease joint pain


Juice blackcurrants with spinach, which is packed full of potassium,which helps to control blood pressure


juice tomatoes, spinach and carrots, which are all high in fibre and will help to relax the bowels