Risk Factors and Complications





Lifestyle risk factors

  •     Being overweight or obese
  •     Binge or Heavy drinking
  •     Physical inactivity
  •     Use of illicit drugs such as cocaine 可卡因 and methamphetamines 甲基苯丙胺

Medical risk factors

  •     Cardiovascular disease, including heart defects, heart failure, heart infection or abnormal heart rhythm.
  •     Cigarette smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke
  •     Diabetes
  •     High blood pressure
  •     High cholesterol
  •     Obstructive sleep apnea 阻塞性睡眠呼吸暫停

Obstructive Sleep Apnea   clickhere_orange25
阻塞性睡眠呼吸暫停   clickhere_blue25

Other factors associated with a higher risk of stroke include:

  •     Being age 55 or older
  •     Family or personal history of stroke, heart attack or transient ischemic attack
  •     Gender – Men have a higher risk of stroke than women
  •     Race – African-Americans have a higher risk of stroke than other races


Occasionally a stroke can cause temporary or permanent disabilities, depending on the time the brain lacks blood flow and which part is influenced.

Complications include:

  •    Changes in behavior and self-care ability
  •    Difficulty talking or swallowing
  •    Emotional problems
  •    Memory loss or thinking difficulties
  •    Pain
  •    Paralysis or loss of muscle movement
  •  Patient also may be sensitive to temperature changes, especially extreme cold after a stroke


Following list provides information to assist older adults and their caregivers 護理人員 to consider their disease or condition in conjunction with other health issues.

  • Stroke and Alcohol: 中風 和 酗酒
  • Stroke and Amyloid Angiopathy: 中風 和 澱粉樣蛋白血管病
  • Stroke and Aphasia: 中風 和 失語症
  • Stroke and Arthritis: 中風 和 關節炎
  • Stroke and Atrial fibrillation: 中風 和 心房纖維顫動
  • Stroke and Coronary Artery Disease: 中風 和 冠心病
  • Stroke and Dehydration: 中風 和 脫水
  • Stroke and Delirium: 中風 和 神誌失常
  • Stroke and Dementia: 中風 和 癡呆
  • Stroke and Depression: 中風 和 抑鬱症
  • Stroke and Diabetes mellitus: 中風 和 糖尿病
  • Stroke and Dysphagia (Difficulty Swallowing): 中風 和 吞嚥困難
  • Stroke and Frailty: 中風 和 脆弱
  • Stroke and Heart Attack (Myocardial infarction 心肌梗塞): 中風 和 心臟病發作
  • Stroke and Heart Failure: 中風 和 心衰竭
  • Stroke and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): 中風 和 高血壓
  • Stroke and Hyperlipidemia (High cholesterol): 中風 和 高血脂
  • Stroke and Medication Management: 中風 和 藥物處理
  • Stroke and Obesity: 中風 和 肥胖症
  • Stroke and Osteoporosis: 中風 和 骨質疏鬆症
  • Stroke and Pressure Ulcers: 中風 和 壓力性潰瘍
  • Stroke and Secondary Parkinson’s Disease: 中風 和 次級帕金森氏症
  • Stroke and Urinary Incontinence: 中風 和 尿失禁
  • Stroke and Vision and Hearing Impairments: 中風 和 視力障礙 和 聽力障礙
  • Stroke, Walking Problems and Risk for Falls: 中風,步行問題 和 跌倒風險

Pressure ulcer   clickhere_orange25
褥瘡/壓力性潰瘍   clickhere_red25

Parkinsonism   clickhere_orange25
帕金森氏症  clickhere_green25


Video on Risk Factors and Complications   clickhere_red25





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