Health Drinks for Elderly






1. Green tea
According to research those who drink beverages stay more active physically than peers. Standard tea and coffee cannot provide these benefits. The more green tea you are going to consume the more self sufficient and mobile you are going to be. Those who were taking at least 5 cups in a day cut 33% less chance to develop disability as compared to those who were taking just one cup. It is not clear why green tea boost health. But green tea contains very high levels of polyphenols plant chemicals which protect DNA from being damaged and also cut cholesterol. These are found much lower in the ordinary tea.


2. Boost plus
Boost plus is a health drink which is manufactured NY nestle. It comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate and vanilla. This drink is very high in calories, which is perfect for elderly. It can be a replacement for meals if you are having trouble in maintaining weight. There are 25 vitamins in the drink and many other minerals. This is one of the best drinks, which seniors can take.
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3. Ensure
Ensure is a health drink which is manufactured by Abbott. It is specially manufactured for the seniors keeping their nutritional needs in mind. It offers a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat and can be used as a light meal and larger snack replacement. This is also known as a muscle drink for the seniors.
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4. Isopure plus
It is a drink for the elderly, it is refreshing and tasty. It contains all the essential amino acids. It is available in the eight ounce bottle, plastic bottle. It is a clear alternative to the milky nutrition, which is hard to get for elderly.
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5. Nestle carnation instant breakfast
This health drink is also manufactured by nestle. It is milk based drink and is available in the powdered form it is sugar free and rich in nutrition. There are a variety of flavors available. It provides calories, proteins and fats.
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6. Sirco
This is 100% pure fruit juice that contains a tomato extract that is tasteless and fruit flow. It offers circulation benefits and also improves the heart health. It works by flattening the blood platelets and prevent clotting. Clotting can lead to strokes and heart attack.
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7. Plain water
Drinking water generally can improve health. However, water is the most important of all the nutrition’s because it serves in many functions. Adequate water can help in reducing kidney functions. Adequate water also eases constipation. The ability to detect thirst declines as people get older, so you can yourself drink lots of juices and water to stay hydrated.


8. Sunraysia pure squeezed prune juice
It helps in neutralizing stomach acids and accelerates digestion, which is the most common problem in elderly. This drink is also a good source of potassium which helps in normalizing blood pressure. You can get this drink from the food stores or can even order online.