Exercise and Aging


Mary Carroll Root helps participants during a Powerful Aging Exercise class at the Avon Senior Center.


In the past exercise has been considered the most effective method to look younger, to get more fit and leaner etc. but now is linked to accelerating aging, inflammation and chronic age-related diseases.

According to scientific research the process of human aging can be retarded, provided knowing the way to do.  Chronological age differs from biological age, which means you can be 50 years old and literally have a body of a 40 year age.  There are folks who not only look 10 years younger, also having unlimited energy and stamina 後勁.   In the contrary some folks look and act much too OLD for their actual age.

Is it genetics?  It sounds similar to be the most reasonable reply.  But genetics have very little to do with speed you age.  Believe it or not, YOU have way more control over the aging process than you think.

Surprisingly it’s not a science fiction that you CAN RETARD your aging process, BUT only if you know the method to do, not taking anti-aging pills nor hormone supplements.

What will happen as we age;

  1. As we age our metabolism slows down to a snail’s pace, making burning fat and dropping weight almost impossible.
  2. Aging makes our bones weaker and more brittle because our bodies are insufficient of vital minerals, essential for strong bones.  This explain why so many elderly people suffer from hip fractures 臀部骨折, leading to even more serious medical complications.
  3. The hormones responsible for all of our youth-like character such as healthy skin tone, strong lean muscle and robust energy, start declining more and more in each year.  If we are not proactive, our youth enhancing hormone levels may drop so low without return.
  4. It’s not only our physical qualities getting negatively affected by aging and our brain undergoes as well.  Our memory, the ability to solve problems, and our skills in decision making collectively begin to decline and worsen each year.
  5. After 40, our biological age starts to accelerate (and our age) faster than our chronological age.  Actually for every year that passes we can age up to 6 months extra.  That means when you turn 42, your body is essentially turning 43.  If you keep this up, at 50 your body could be as old as 55.


3 WORST mistakes we must AVOID if we expect to retard the aging process and to increase our metabolism for burning fat, boosting our youth enhancing hormones to get more energy and stamina, and building a lean, strong and healthy body as well:

1.   Cardio 心肺運動 (有氧運動)
Too much cardio can make our age acelerated FASTER
Too many people think that cardio is the answer to everything related to weight-loss and fat-loss.  Although cardio can be helpful (if doing it properly), it does nothing to slow the aging process.  In fact, it does the exact opposite.  Doing long frequent cardio sessions will break down our muscles and increase the production of free radicals.  These free radicals will damage the cells in our bodies and accelerate aging.

Radical (chemistry) (or Free radical (disambiguation))   free_radicals_image_25

Free-radical theory of aging   click_for_detail


2. A Low-Fat Diet
Fat is not the cause of weight gain nor heart disease.  Actually since the fat-free diet was introduced, the world has gained more fat people and illness than it has ever been before.

Fat does NOT make us fat.  In fact, fat is essential if we want keeping our bodies looking and feeling younger.  Healthy fats are an fundamental source of good cholesterol, which is the KEY to produce the hormones that enhance our youthful qualities.  (Not all cholesterol is bad, by the way — good cholesterol is a crucial component of healthy skin tissue, making your skin more supple, glowing, and youthful).  If you’re following a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients essential to slow aging and retain your youth.

3. Yoga
Yoga is the physical training applying breathing techniques, exercise, relaxation and meditation.


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Yoga has been around the World for thousands of years and it’s very effective for improving a person’s inner consciousness, mind-body connection and spiritual health.  But some Yoga movements are difficult to perform and physically challenging.  Physiologically speaking, yoga lacks the necessary components stimulating body to build lean muscle, to burn fat and to trigger our youth-enhancing hormones for assisting slow aging.

If we expect reversing the aging process we need to perform metabolic training which triggers our youth-enhancing hormones to throw away those old and dead cells while elevating our metabolic process to burn away stubborn and flabby fat as well as to substitute it with lean and toned muscle.

Metabolic training involves doing certain types of exercises that involve our entire body, so we can activate many muscles in a short span.  It completely differs from doing traditional body building exercises (like biceps curls or leg curls) where we’re only using one muscle at a time.  This form of exercise takes way too long and doesn’t stimulate enough muscle fibers to increase our fat-burning and youth-enhancing hormones.

The key point is: the more muscles we’re able to activate at the same time, the more we’ll be able to trigger our youth-enhancing hormones.  This is why applying exercises, which involve the entire body (including upper and lower body) at the same time, is crucial.

Growth hormone in sports   click_for_detail

Human growth hormone   hgh50

The best part of Metabolic training is that we can replace our flabby body parts with lean, toned muscle in performing these exercise, because not only do they trigger our youth-enhancing hormones and fat-burning hormones — they also boosts our testosterone 睾酮/睾丸激素.  Testosterone is our ultimate lean-muscle building—hormone for BOTH sex.  Similar to other hormones, our testosterone levels naturally begin to decline after the age of 40, which is why it’s so difficult to gain lean muscle and maintain that youthful body tone as we get older.

Testosterone   testosterone30

睾酮/睾丸激素   click_for_detail

Human growth hormone   click_for_detail


Turning back the clock is NOT too difficult when we possess the knowledge triggering the right hormones in our bodies.

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